Apple Watch Series 4 vs Fitbit Ionic – Which is Best?



If you’re wondering if you should buy the Apple Watch Series 4 or Fitbit Ionic, this article will help you make a decision as it covers all the points and aspects you might consider when you’re making a comparison.

Apple Watch 4 vs Fitbit Ionic: Specs Compared


Apple Watch 4

Fitbit Ionic

Release Date

September 20181st of October 2017

Battery Life

18 hoursGPS mode: 10 hours. Smartwatch mode: 5 days.


40mm or 44mmFrom 5.5 to 9.3 inches in circumference


1.69 ounces1.2 ounces


LTE and UMTS, GPS, WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0BLE, WiFi, NFC


Calls, texts, and appsCall, texts, and smart app notifications

Water Resistance

Resists water up to 5 ATMResists water up to 5 ATM


Through Apple MusicStored on watch

Platform Support

iOSAndroid, iOS

Virtual Assistant

SiriCan be connected to Alexa

Customer Reviews




Apple Watch 4 Overview



  • Powerful S4 processing chip
  • System in package technology
  • Satisfactory combination between smart, fitness, and health features


  • A little overpriced
  • Substandard battery life

If you are willing to spend a little bit of money to get top-notch performance, premium build quality, and great technology, the Apple Watch Series 4 absolutely fits the description.

Fitbit Ionic Overview



  • The ability to make payments
  • Great display
  • Superb screen resolution
  • 15 built-in sport apps


  • No built-in music storage
  • Doesn’t have a multi-sport mode

The Fitbit Ionic is more of a fitness tracker with a touch of smart features. Although it does enable you to make online payments and has built-in GPS, you can get a device that offers a lot more at the same price tag. It still rocks its display and solid battery life, by all means.

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Fitbit Ionic Comparison

Apple Watch vs Fitbit Ionic: Design and Display

Apple Watch Series 4:

Whether you get the 40mm model with the 394 x 324-pixel resolution on a 1.17-inch screen or the 44mm model with the 448 x 368-pixel resolution on a 1.15-inch screen, you’re going to enjoy the clarity of the Apple Watch Series 4’s display thanks to the LTPO technology that makes it both readable and power-efficient to get you through the day.It’s about 30% smaller in size, but still integrates 21% more components and has a 30% larger display area. With the System in Package (SiP) technology, it was able to overcome one of the trickiest parts of manufacturing a smartwatch: increasing the viewing area without compromising on the compactness or battery life.Its Digital Crown is a nice addition as it lets you navigate through your watch with just a turn.It doesn’t give you much room for customization as it limits you to the clock faces it has to offer and doesn’t have interchangeable straps.

Fitbit Ionic:

The Fitbit Ionic is a little bigger in size than its rival Series 4, so it’s a bit more visible on the wrist. It does have a more spacious display at a 1.42-inch LED touchscreen with a nice 384 x 250-pixel resolution which is quite vivid and immersive.It is available in charcoal and smoke gray, blue-gray and silver, or in slate blue and burnt orange, although to be fair, none of them can compete with the Apple Watch Series 4 in terms of stylishness.It does give you some space to customize and personalize it through the available Fitbit accessories and the 17 customizable clock faces that you can choose from.

Winner: The Apple Watch Series 4.

Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch 4: Durability and Build

Apple Watch Series 4:

The Apple Watch Series 4 is available in two durable choices: aluminum or stainless steel. You can skip taking it off before showers or going for a swim as it’s water-resistant up to 5 ATM (165 feet).

Fitbit Ionic:

The Fitbit Ionic can handle a lot of push and pull and it’s water-resistant up to 5 ATM as well. Don’t let a little rain get in the way of your morning run.

Winner: Tie.

Fitness and Health Features

Apple Watch Series 4:

Whatever it is the activity that you’re engaged in, the Series 4 will automatically detect it and start keeping track from yoga to hiking. All the while, it keeps track of your progress while displaying 5 metrics that include the distance you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burned.A very neat addition that works on both motivating you and providing you with aesthetics is the 3 rings that indicate exercising, standing, and moving. They encourage you to close them every day, and it’s a great challenge to do so that keeps you hyped.If you want to take your challenges up a notch, you can enjoy the head-to-head competitions, activity sharing, personalized coaching, monthly challenges, and achievement rewards that will definitely push you to be more active. The electrical and optical heart rate sensor works continuously and accurately, monitoring your heart beats. It prompts you to add a threshold to your heart beats and sends you alerts if they drop below or rise above that specified threshold for more than 10 minutes.The Apple Watch Series 4 also focuses on an important part when it comes to your health: Sleep tracking. It gives you feedback on the duration of time you spent in each sleep stage (REM, light, and deep) and therefore allows you to assess the overall quality of your sleep.According to Apple, the Series 4 also uses its sensors to detect if you’ve fallen and are unable to get up, and in effect sends an Emergency SOS.

Fitbit Ionic:

The Fitbit Ionic is provided with a multi-sport tracking ability to keep tabs on all your exercises. It also has a SmartTrack feature that enables you to pick selective activities to be automatically recognized and recorded. It counts the steps you take, calories you burn, and thanks to the altimeter, the floors you climb throughout the day.There’s a default hourly step goal of 250 steps that sends you alerts to remind you to reach it so that you’re encouraged to constantly stay active. One of the best features on the Ionic has to be detailed heart-rate monitoring thanks to the heart-rate tracking feature and the cardio fitness level feature that work together on giving you the best and most accurate feedback on how well your heart is doing.There’s also on-screen coaching that gives you advice on how do all your workouts with the proper techniques and makes you feel like you have your personal coach with you everywhere you go. If you get the Adidas edition of the Ionic, you’ll also get access to some exclusive Adidas on-screen exercises. The built-in GPS helps you stay oriented and informed about where you are and where you’re going. It gives you real-time pace and distance on the display as you go on with your workout.Furthermore, the Fitbit Ionic has a sleep-tracking feature that detects the amount of time you spend in each stage of sleep from REM to light, to deep. This is a key element when it comes to determining the quality of your sleep.The guided breathing sessions help you regulate your breath and thereby reduce stress and anxiety.A feature that will be very helpful to you if you’re a lady user is the female health tracking feature. It keeps data related to your menstrual cycles such as the days on which you’ll get your period, the days of ovulation, and a journal of your symptoms.

Winner: The Fitbit Ionic.

Apple Watch 4 or Fitbit Ionic: Smart Features

Apple Watch Series 4

Every inch of your Series 4’s screen will tell you some kind of info related to your activity and health. This includes an index for Air Quality, Ultra Violet rays, heart rate, activity, workout, music, breath, and weather.The relocation of the microphone to the opposite side of the watch works on reducing the echoes during a call, while the 50% more powerful, larger, and louder speakers work on making the sound clearer and crisper. This enhances the Walkie-Talkie feature to a different level and brings you closer to other Apple Watch users.The Series 4 runs on WatchOS 5 which makes it fast and makes the operation smooth. The speed of processing is unprecedently fast thanks to the 4th generation CPU and S4 chip that give you twice responsiveness.You can also make online payments through your Apple Watch Series 4.The raise-to-speak movement for Siri makes it easier to handle voice commands when your hands are too busy during exercise like cycling or too sweaty from all the running that you’re unable to interact with the touchscreen.With the SiP technology, the Series 4 is able to pack a lot of features and a powerful system into a single component. Forget about any lag or slow responses. This is especially impressive when you consider its compactness.

Fitbit Ionic

When you pair your Fitbit Ionic to a compatible phone (Android or iOS), you’ll get to receive all your notifications for calls and texts, and even make use of the Quick Replies feature if you’re too busy to respond right away.You’ll also get your calendar alerts to remind you of all the important events, plans, and appointments that you have coming up.Moreover, the Ionic lets you store music on it and control it by raising or lowering the volume, as well as pausing, playing, or skipping a song.The built-in NFC chip can be a replacement t your wallet is it allows you to make online payments from your wrist through your Fitbit Ionic.

Winner: The Apple Watch Series 4.

Battery Life and Price

Apple Watch Series 4:

For the same amount of money –or even less- you can probably find another smartwatch that gives you a way longer battery life than the limited 18 hours the Apple Watch Series 4 has to offer.

However, you wouldn’t find such high-quality components, top-notch performance, or the variety of technology at a cheaper price.It’s compatible with iOS devices and will perform at its best when you connect it to a compatible iPhone.

Fitbit Ionic:

​The Fitbit Ionic has a 5-day standard battery life but it could be shortened due to the use of the GPS. But by all means, it still beats the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 4 and comes at a lower price, too.

Winner: The Fitbit Ionic.

Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch Series 4: Verdict

The decision can be reached a through asking yourself a simple question settles the deal: Are you looking for a smartwatch or a fitness tracker? Which of these two aspects do you care more about?If you want something that focuses more on the smart features like the integrated technology and processing speeds while still looking sharp, the Apple Watch Series 4 is the choice you should go for.However, if you care more about the fitness tracking features and are willing to overlook a lack of some technology and the lack of style for longer battery life, the Fitbit Ionic would fit your description more.