Apple Watch Series 4 Review


Apple Watch Series 4 ReviewThe Apple Watch Series 4 maintains the non-circular shape that is out of the norm of smartwatches in 2019, and it’s not just its shape that is out of the norm. Its performance is quite astounding, the technology integrated into it is amazing, and its sensors are more accurate than ever. Let’s dive into it.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Design and display

You can get the Series 4 in a 40mm or a 44mm case size with a slimmer case at 10.7mm, which isn’t much different from the Series 3 but makes it easier to get under shirt cuffs. The major difference is in the visible screen area which is undeniably bigger for the Series 4.

The thinner bezels are accentuated by the curved corners and contribute to the bigger screen area.

The Sport Loop straps on the Series 4 look great, are comfortable to wear, and do a great job at resisting sweat during workouts.

Overall performance

The Series 4 is powered by an S4 dual-core processor that employs the System in Package technology (Sip) that leaves no place for slowing down or lag when opening apps. It also gives you the most fluid and responsive navigation between apps.

Fitness features

The automatic exercise detection is a great addition that works superbly. Whether you’re walking, running, working out, doing yoga or hiking, you’re going to get all of your data transferred to your Health app where you can review the data with ease and clarity.

WatchOS 5 works on integrating more standing up, breathing, and exercising in your day, and has watch faces that encourage all of it as well as a morning alert that gives you a feedback of the previous day’s activity and motivates you to outdo yourself.

Closing the rings on the Apple Watch Series 4 will become a really addictive challenge that pushes you towards a healthier daily routine.

The watch is also water-resistant up to 5 ATM (165 feet).

Smart features

The Walkie Talkie mode is a very nice addition that brings you closer to other Apple Watch owners and enables you to talk to them as you’d do with a walkie-talkie. It would be smart of them to add an alert system lest a meeting gets interrupted because of an incoming Walkie Talkie.

The WatchOS 5 that runs the Apple Watch Series 4 is really evolved. It introduced the raise-to-speak movement for Siri, which can be really helpful in situations where your hands are too busy or too sweaty to deal with the touchscreen.

Despite the fact that sometimes notifications don’t come through, we have to admit their interactive and rich details with the rotating Digital Crown is very engaging.

Health features

The heart sensor is greatly enhanced for better heart rate tracking and monitoring.

The Apple Watch 4 is allegedly equipped with an electrocardiogram which is able to detect irregular heartbeat. You get to set a specific threshold and get notified if your heart rate falls below or rises above it for more than 10 minutes straight.

There is also a sensor that is able to detect whether you’ve fallen and are somehow unable to get up again, which then proceeds to call the emergency services or send your location to selected contacts.

Keeping you connected

You can get the Series 4’s cellular connection model. You pay an additional fee to your carrier and they provide you with an amount of data for the watch without the need for a SIM card or permanent connection to your phone.

This gives you the freedom to leave your phone behind and still be able to make calls, use GPS, and receive messages and other data. When you’re using the Cellular model and not GPS, a red line appears to indicate that instead of the big red daub on the series 3.

You can also use Bluetooth to connect wireless headphones. There are a built-in, echo-reducing microphone and 50% larger, louder, and more powerful speakers that allow you to conduct clearer phone calls.

Battery life

The Apple Watch Series 4’s battery life is a bit disappointing at just 18 hours. If you turn it off during the night and allow notifications only, you can extend it to 24 hours, but that would defy the point of the smartwatch and doesn’t make that much of a difference anyway.

The display is big and clear
The sensors are improved and accurate
Fast processing speed
Raise to speak Siri can be very handy


Quite pricey
Battery life is quite short

Should you buy the new Apple Watch Series 4?

The accurate health sensors on the Apple Watch 4 make it a very practical and helpful device besides being a good-looking and fun gadget to use. Despite being a little pricey, it’s a top of the heap choice.