10 Best Fitbit Tips And Tricks Every Fitbit Owner Should Know

Everything in life comes with its hacks, tips, and tricks.

Fitbits are not exempt of this rule and in this article, we’ll be going through some of these tips and tricks that can make you utilize your Fitbit to the max and make the most out of it.

Top Fitbit Tips & Tricks

  • Fitbit MobileTrack:

Turn your Fitbit MobileTrack on. To do this, you should open the Fitbit app, go to Account, tap set up a device, and select MobileTrack.

This helps you avoid missing out on tracking your steps and activities in case you forget or leave your Fitbit tracker behind.

It may not be as accurate, but it will suffice until you can retrieve your Fitbit tracker.

  • Matchup:

Use Matchup to compete with and challenge friends with different trackers. Usually, you can’t compare stats of other users if they use different tracking devices.

However, if with Matchup, you can draw these comparisons whether the other person uses an Apple Watch, iPhone, Garmin, Jawbone, Withings, Misfit, Pebble or just about any tracker that can be connected to the Apple Health App.

  • Editing Your Dashboard:

Edit your dashboard. Your Fitbit tracks all sorts of information about your daily activity, some of which you may not be interested to see first –or at all for the matter-.

You can tap the “Edit” button in the upper left corner of the Fitbit app and rearrange the data displayed in the order that you would like to see, from the most important to the least.

  • Changing The Tracker’s Face:

Change the tracker’s face, rearrange the order of some metrics or disable them altogether. You can do this by opening the Fitbit app, going to the “Account” tab, and selecting the tracker to open its settings and controlling what you see when you tap the device or activate QuickView.

  • How to Find a Lost Fitbit:

If you’re using a wristband Fitbit you may not be in a position to misplace it, but if you use a clip-on, the chances of this happening aren’t very slim.

Open the Fitbit app and try syncing with the device. If it works, it means the device is near you somewhere. If not, then you can check the log and try remembering where you last were when the device last synced.

You can also use LightBlue Explorer on iOS or Bluetooth Finder on Android or apps made specifically for finding your misplaced Fitbit like Finder for Fitbit on iOS and Bit-Finder Geo on Android.

  • Solo Adventure:

The most fun tip is using “Solo Adventure”. This is a mode that you can use if you live in New York and Yosemite national park in California.

You’ll find it in the Challenges part of the app, and it motivates you through guiding in you preset routes to some amusing destinations that could be more inviting than a shop or a park that you take your walks to.

  • Scan The Bar Codes:

Finally, you can scan the bar codes of foods you eat –even with own-brand supermarket items-, and specify how much of it you ate, and Fitbit does the math for you on the calorie intake.