Fitbit Versa vs Charge 2: Which Is Best for You?


Choosing between trackers has become a very confusing task nowadays what with all the options that you have to compare between.

This is why this article will facilitate the decision-making process by comparing between two of the elites and help you make up your mind choosing between the Fitbit Versa vs Charge 2 & their best alternative the new Fitbit Charge 3.

Fitbit Versa vs Charge 2 Comparison


Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Charge 2

Release Date

16th of April 2018September 2016

Battery Life

4 days5 days


1.5×1.5×0.4 inches8.6 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches


1.3 ounces1.12 ounces


NFC, Bluetooth, WiFiBluetooth, WiFi


Calls, text, and smart app notificationsText, call, and smartphone app notifications

Water Resistance

Up to 50 metersSplash-proof up to 10 meters but not swim-proof


Store and controlDoesn’t store music

Platform Support

Android, iOS, WindowsAndroid, iOS

Virtual Assistant

Can be connected to AlexaCan be connected to Alexa

Customer Reviews




Fitbit Versa Overview


  • Lightweight design
  • Great bang for the buck


  • Not the most stylish smartwatch
  • Lacks built-in GPS services

The Fitbit Versa is a perfect choice as an alternative for the Ionic that is a hundred bucks cheaper. There is technically no differences in the features except that the Ionic has built-in GPS and the Versa doesn’t.

Fitbit Charge 2 Overview


  • Great display
  • Comfortable strap


  • Not swim-proof
  • Doesn’t have built-in GPS services

The Fitbit Charge 2 provides you with more than just the basics and at a very affordable price, the Charge 2 has to be one of the best Fitbit fitness trackers out there.

Fitbit Charge 2 vs Versa: Heart Rate Monitor

This feature is important because it tracks your heart rate throughout the day and during activity, which gives you a general idea of how well your heart is functioning.

Fitbit Charge 2: The Charge 2 keeps track of your heartbeat rate and uses PurePlus Technology to give you uncut, automatic heart rate monitoring that is based on the pulse in your wrist.

Fitbit Versa: Special LEDs on its undersides detect blood volume and capillary-size changes under pressure. It’s also equipped with Cardio Fitness level that gives you a snapshot of your cardiovascular system for more details.

Besides all of the features listed above, the Fitbit Versa displays FitStar workouts with step-by-step instructions, which is like having a personal trainer on your wrist!

Winner: The Fitbit Versa

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Fitbit Versa vs Fitbit Charge 2: Automatic Sport Recognition

This is the ability of the tracker to recognize when you’re running, hiking, playing sports (like basketball or football), or cycling.

They can also recognize aerobic activities like Zumba, kickboxing or dancing.

They log all of these activities with the log of workouts to give you an extensive exercise summary.

Both the Charge 2 and Fitbit Versa use SmartTrack technology to recognize and record select workouts in the Fitbit app.

Winner: Tie.

Which Is Better Versa or Charge 2 In Sleep Tracking?

Both Fitbits track your sleep to measure the time you spend sleeping and check the quality of your sleep, which has a major impact on your general health.

Also, both the Versa and Charge 2 have sleep stages measurements to give you a general clue on how much you spend in Light, Deep or REM sleep, as well as an advantage that they feature Relax Guided Breathing sessions that aid you when you’re trying to calm your body.

This helps reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure.

Winner: Tie.

Difference Between Charge 2 and Versa In Water Resistance:

Fitbit Charge 2: The Charge 2 is indeed water-resistant up to 10 meters, but it’s not swim proof. This means that no damage will occur to it if water comes near it but it’s not swim proof.

Fitbit Versa: Unlike the Charge 2, the Versa is swim-proof which means you can actually go swimming with it and submerge it down to 50 meters, or shower while wearing it without any damage happening to it.

Winner: The Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Charge 2 vs Versa: Battery life

This feature is very important if you consider keeping track of charging your devices a burden. The Alta HR’s battery life lasts up to 7 days while the Charge 2’s lasts up to 5 days.

Fitbit Charge 2: The Charge 2’s battery life lasts up to 5 days on a single charge.

Fitbit Versa: The Versa’s battery life lasts up to 4 days on a single charge.

Charge 2 or Versa: Display

Fitbit Charge 2: The Charge 2 has an OLED display that shows time, steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, caller ID, text notifications, and alarm.

Fitbit Versa: The Versa’s display is quite notably larger than that of the Charge 2’s, and it shows all the same information and stats as its counterpart.

Winner: The Fitbit Versa.

Versa vs Charge 2: Caller ID and Text Messages

Fitbit Charge 2: The Charge 2 will show you Caller ID when you link it to your smartphone.

It will also display text notifications on its screen. This ensures that you don’t get distracted during your activity with these kinds of social alerts, but still stay updated in case of an emergency.

Fitbit Versa: Besides the aforementioned features of the Charge 2, the Versa also lets you send quick replies from your watch (if connected to an Android device and not iOS one).

Winner: The Fitbit Versa.

Difference Between Fitbit Versa & Charge 2 in Music Options:

Fitbit Versa: The Fitbit Versa was developed with a memory to store and play more than 300 songs and it gives you the ability –from your wrist- to control the volume, play, pause, or skip songs from your mobile playlist.

Fitbit Charge 2: Through The Charge 2 does not give you music options, either storing or controlling your music.

Winner: The Fitbit Versa

Which Is Better Versa or Charge 2 in Female health tracking?

Fitbit Versa: This feature is exclusive to the Fitbit Versa and it’s a life-saver and a woman’s best friend!

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Female health tracking provides you with in-app period tracking, so you can get a fully detailed chart of your cycle and know on what days you’re ovulating, as well as get notifications two days and on the day your period is expected.

It also allows you to view information about your period and fertility in the new Fitbit Today personalized health dashboard.

Fitbit advisors have also added many tips and information about menstruation cycles so you can have a full and strong background on all the things you need to know.

You can also join the Fitbit community support that is created to focus on questions about periods, birth control, trying to conceive, pregnancy, and menopause, and where tips and advice are shared for everyone to benefit from.

Keeping track of your period and how your body’s activity changes during the days on which you’re menstruating can give you a better insight into your health and wellbeing.

It also makes doctor or OBGYN visits more productive as you can provide more details about your usual timings and symptoms, which are very important indicators if there should be any worries.

Fitbit Charge 2: The Charge 2 lacks the female health tracking option.

Winner: The Fitbit Versa.

Charge 2 vs Versa: Alarms

Both the Fitbit Versa and Charge 2 both contain a motor for vibration to grab your attention when an alarm you set goes off.

Winner: Tie.

Fitbit Versa or Charge 2: GPS

This feature allows users to track distance and pace in real-time, as well as review routes and split times. Both lack the built-in GPS feature but can be connected to a phone to be able to use it.

Winner: Tie.

Fitbit Charge 2 vs Fitbit Versa: Floors Climbed

More effort is exerted into floor climbing, so it’s a nice addition to keep track of that and both the Ver​​sa and the Charge 2 have an altimeter that lets you do just that.

Winner: Tie.

Fitbit Versa vs Fitbit Charge 2: Reminder to Move

This is a mechanism of motivation to reach the mini-step goal of 250 steps each hour (around 2 or 3 minutes of walking).

You can adjust these reminders to your own personal schedule, where you can set them to “Do not disturb” mode during meetings or appointments, or during your sleeping hours. And both trackers have this vital feature.

Winner: Tie.

Fitbit Versa vs Charge 2: Design

Fitbit Charge 2: It has a chambered metal body with an elastomer band and an OLED display that is 0.8 inches. So it is quite noticeable when worn.

Fitbit Versa: It’s quite heavier than the Fitbit Charge 2, but also its display is quite bigger and clearer.

Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Charge 2: Colors available

Fitbit Charge 2: The Fitbit Charge 2 is available in black, plum, blue and teal. For an extra 30 dollars, you can get it in the black stainless steel or rose gold plated special edition. So it comes with a little more variety.

Fitbit Versa:  The Versa is available in black, peach and gray. For an extra 30 dollars, you can get it in the charcoal woven or rose gold plated special edition.

Fitbit Versa & Charge 2 Comparison: Extras

Fitbit Versa: Besides giving you the option to style your watch with designer accessories, the Versa also has a technical advantage and that is that you can have instant access to popular apps on your devices, as well as make payments through your tracker thanks to the NFC chip.

Fitbit Charge 2: All these extras are not available for the Charge 2.

Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Charge 2 Is Better? Final Words:

The Fitbit Versa would seem like the more suitable choice if you’re a female shopper because of its very convenient and helpful Female Health Tracking feature.  So in the Charge 2 vs Versa comparison, it would take the cake.

But that doesn’t mean it’s only appealing for the female shoppers as it offers a variety of other small extras that make big differences, such as being swim-proof, on-screen workouts, quick replies, the ability to store, play and control music, the ability to make payments and access some apps, and making it more stylish with designer accessories.

However, all these extra features can be replaced with other options if you’re not that bent on having it all in one place.

And if you’re more concerned with the plain idea of monitoring your activity and want to stay in budget, then you can save up the extra 50 dollars and stick to the Charge 2.

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