Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Gear S3: Which Is Best for You?


Fitbit has been creating fitness trackers for ages and has surely made a name for itself in the sports market, on the other hand, Samsung might have been producing smartwatches for a long time, it is new in the fitness tracker line.

Fitbit Versa and Samsung Gear S3 are two of the top leading best fitness trackers, and today we will settle for which is the best tracker for you to consider buying by debating the differences and similarities between the two trackers to help you make up your mind choosing between the Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Gear S3.

Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Gear S3 Comparison


Fitbit Versa

Samsung Gear S3

Release Date

16th of April 201818 November 2016

Battery Life

4 days3-4 days


1.5 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches1.8 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches


1.3 ounces2.2 ounces on the Frontier, 2 ounces on the Classic


NFC, Bluetooth, WiFiBluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi b/g/n, NFC, MST, GPS/Glonass (There are LTE versions)


Calls, texts, and appsCalls, texts, and smartphone app notifications

Water Resistance

Up to 50 meters ( 5 ATM)Can be submersed up around 5 meters


Store and control musicCan be played through apps

Platform Support

Android, iOS, WindowsAndroid, iOS with limitations

Virtual Assistant

Can be connected to AlexaS Voice

Customer Reviews




Fitbit Versa Overview


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Many useful functions
  • Great display


  • A little overpriced
  • Heart rate monitoring isn’t the most extensive

The Fitbit Versa is a fully integrated fitness tracker. It only lacks a built-in GPS but you can connect it to your phone for that. It’s a great and more affordable alternative for the Ionic, too.

Samsung Gear S3 Overview


  • The ability to make payments
  • Great display
  • Superb screen resolution
  • 15 built-in sport apps


  • No built-in music storage
  • Doesn’t have a multi-sport mode

The Samsung Gear S3 comes in two models: the Frontier and the Classic. Both of them function perfectly and have similar features and specs except that the Classic is a little lighter. The Gear S3 combines amazingly between fitness tracking and smart features.

Versa vs Samsung Gear S3 | Design and Display

Fitbit Versa:

A brightly squared face design with rounded edges, the Versa’s design is firm, lightweight and comfortable and can be worn on any style outfit.

It is a traditional watch-style clasp tracker that easy to fasten yet can still be put while you are wearing during a workout, also these straps are interchangeable and they come in a wide variety of color options.

The Versa’s screen is one superb touchscreen with a quite bright and colorful display with a brightness up to 1,000 nits.

Samsung Gear S3:

The Gear S3 design is hefty and big yet very comfortable and steady to wear during any workout, the watch shape-like tracker has a touchscreen as well as a rotating bezel and two buttons in which you can operate the device from.

The Gear S3 uses an always on display which comes in handy when you are in a cycling ride or even a cardio rest, however, it is super battery consuming. The circular design is eye friendly in addition to having a bright and vibrant display.

Winner: Fitbit Versa.

Gear S3 vs Versa | Heart Rate

One of the most important features found in most fitness trackers; it helps monitoring your heart rate during your sport activities as it keep tabs on how your heart is doing during and after each workout.

Both trackers are induced with this feature as they send information on the display of how the heart stats are changing.

Winner: Tie.

Samsung Gear S3 vs Fitbit Versa | Activity Tracking

Fitbit Versa:

The Versa device has impressive tracking capabilities; you will find a dedicated app for each workout type such as: cycling, running, or swimming; the app consists of the following choices: Run, Bike, Swim, Treadmill, Weights, Interval Timer, and Workout.

While you are exercising you will notice the stats changing on the monitor, if you are running, you will find the distance and time of how long you have run along with how your heart rate is processing.

If you are going for a swim, you will know the lengths and meters swam alongside the time, finally for the general workout option, it will show heart rate and how much calories you have burned.

Once done of exercising, the tracker will show you a summary of your performance, but one feature that people are ‘sleeping’ on is the sleep tracking feature, once you wear the Versa tracker to bed it will automatically start tracking your sleep by recognizing your inactivity, stillness and decreased heart rate.

Samsung Gear S3:

The Gear S3 as mentioned before is more of a smartwatch than a fitness tracker, it lacks the exercise app however it can entice you to do some stretches and guide you through the process and counting as you go using the accelerometer.

On the other hand, the S3 is adorned with an automatic workout detection thus if you are running, cycling, walking or doing something dynamic, the watch will begin to monitor you after 10 minutes, and estimate your how much calories you have burned, and in addition it can provide you with the basic information of how much distance and time you have taken to finish your exercise.

The S3 lacks the waterproof feature unlike the Fitbit Versa, and also it has a pretty much needless sleep track feature.

Winner: Fitbit Versa.

Versa and Gear S3 Comparison | Performance and Battery Life

Fitbit Versa:

It is claimed that the Versa can last up to rough 4 days of usage but also this can depend on how much you use it daily and how many times you workout.

Fitbit does not use the usual micro usb charger, so if you are the travelling type you will always need to make a room for an extra Fitbit charger.

Samsung Gear S3:

The S3 can guarantee you a life closer to three days of use based on a single charge, it is not a bad duration considering it is an always on touch display, the smartwatch can be very quick to charge considering it is a wireless device so you can just drop into the dock and it will charge up.

Winner: Fitbit Versa.

Difference Between Fitbit Versa and Samsung Gear S3 In GPS

Fitbit Versa is not graced with this feature like the Samsung Gear S3, the gps sensor will help you keep track of distance and time, as well as an accelerometer for counting repetitions of crossfit activities.

It will also keep you connected to your route on the map so you can not get lost mid working out.

Winner: Samsung Gear S3.

Which Is Better Fitbit Versa or Samsung Gear S3 In Water Resistance?

The Samsung Gear S3 is not water resistant, but the Fitbit Versa can resist water, it is completely waterproof up to 50 meters which not only means you can getting the tracker wet, but you can use it to track your water activities with the dedicated swimming mode; it will accurately tracks your laps while swimming and still be bright enough for you to see the on screen information in the water.

Winner: Fitbit Versa.

Versa or Gear S3 | Compatibility and Connectivity

Fitbit Versa:

The Versa device is compatible with IOS, Android and also Windows mobiles, it has a wifi and bluetooth connectivity options as well as a nfc but not a gps as we mentioned above.

Samsung Gear S3:

The S3 has bluetooth and wifi, on top of that it has cellular connection but of course it will be charged depending on your usage and data package. It is only compatible with Android and IOS devices.

Winner: Fitbit Versa.

Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Gear S3 | Apps

We mentioned earlier that Samsung Gear S3 does not come with exercise apps unlike the Fitbit Versa that comes with a pack of apps in which each app is designed for a different type of workout.

The Fitbit platform is super easy to understand and to navigate, some of the things you will encounter when using the app is: you will find all the data collected for each day starting from food and water intakes if entered of course, to the number of steps taken, you can also set up a fitness health account and how your health is performing along all these exercises you are doing.

Winner: Fitbit Versa.


the Versa tracker is one of Fitbit’s most customizable wearable devices; it has superb features for a relatively low price, this tracker is designed to be your exercise pal as it is lightweight, comfortable and also very efficient.

Under other conditions, the Samsung Gear S3 has won the crowd with its animated bright always on display and its intuitive interface. However, we should note that this is a more of a smartwatch rather than a fitness tracker; this device lacks the existence of exercise apps and just owns the feature of tracking steps.

If you are still indecisive between these two devices, here is our final verdict; if you prefer a nice, stylish and expensive watch that will be pretty to look at while doing the bare minimum of owning activity tracking abilities then you should go with the Samsung Gear S3, it has a gps which will be convenient for runners or hiker and the device will still keep up with your heart rate and the steps you have walked or run.

So the long story short in the comparison between Fitbit Versa vs Gear S3If you are looking for a true exercise beast, then the Fitbit Versa is the one for you; it owns an excellent variety of activity tracking by not just keeping tabs on heart rate, sleep rate, along with distance and time.

The Versa is waterproof and will provide you with a splendid swimming experience as it counts your laps and you will not have to worry about taking it off constantly.