Kate Spade Scallop Review – A Stylish Smartwatch for Women



The Kate Spade Scallop promises and delivers a very nice touch of elegance to a smartwatch that is used for a more practical life. When you weigh down its pros and cons, will the Scallop be worth buying?

This is what we’ll go through in this article, without further ado.

Kate Spade Scallop Review

The design of the Kate Spade Scallop flaunts a very simplistic yet sophisticated look with its stainless steel case that comes in either gold or rose gold finish and a 16mm metal and black or cream leather strap.

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Its AMOLED display is 1.19 inches in size and has an exceptional resolution of 390 x 390 pixels and an ambient light sensor that smartly manages the brightness of the screen to elongate the battery life as much as possible.

When you get notifications for calls, messages, social media, or weather updates, they’re displayed very with creative animations on your Spade Scallop’s screen, with an animated Leading Lady winking with every unread notification.

As you progress towards meeting your daily activity goals, falling daisy peals will appear on the screen which gives your achievements a sense of refinement. In Kate Spade New York’s fashion, zooming taxi cabs will keep you entertained the more you move during the day.

The Scallop offers basic sleep and activity tracking including steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered.

It’s good enough for someone who’s trying to move more or do more exercise. You can manage and view your stats on the Google Fit app or Kate Spade New York Connected app which is available for both Android and iOS.

The watch has an IP67 water resistance rating, so you can submerge it in the water down to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It’s safer to avoid submersion and contact with water though, so don’t forget to take it off before showers or baths.

The Kate Spade Scallop gives you a lot of customization options so your info is displayed in a way that best suits you.

A very fancy addition to the Scallop is the Kate Spade New York exclusive watch app –the “Choose Your Look”- that matches the dial of your watch to the outfit you have on.

With a simple tap on the icons around the spade, you submit answers for the time of day, jewelry, handbag, and outfit colors, and then the watch chooses a dial that goes along with your outfit for the most personalized style.

You can use Google Assistant to give your Scallop voice commands and have it answer all the questions you have. However, the voice assistant feature seems a little limited with the lack of 4G and built-in speakers.

So it’s not as satisfying to use as it is with other smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 4.

You can download various watch apps on the Google Play store to get everything you want on your watch.

For the basic features, it has to offer, one would expect the Kate Spade Scallop to have the Google Pay feature that enables you to make online payments and leave your wallet behind. However, it’s missing out on this feature.

Its battery life isn’t the longest as it can go about 24 hours on average, but this estimation is lowered even further because you probably won’t have your Scallop on standby all the time. This means you’ll have to leave your watch to recharge every night.


  • angle-double-rightElegantly designed
  • angle-double-rightNotification system works smoothly
  • angle-double-rightThe display is superb


  • angle-double-rightFitness features aren’t the most extensive
  • angle-double-rightDoesn’t have online payments (Android Pay)

Our Verdict:

Undeniably, you can get another smartwatch with more features for a similar price range or even less, but it won’t be half as stylish or fashionable as the Kate Spade Scallop. The Scallop does what it does very well and gives you the confidence to show off its looks.

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