Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Fitbit Ionic: Which is Better for You?

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Fitbit Ionic

Carefully tracking and getting insight into your activity habits and patterns can give you plenty of information regarding how healthy the life you lead is. If you’re working towards a goal, whether it’s losing weight or becoming more active in general, a smartwatch or fitness tracker is an essential addition to your life.

Both Fitbit and Samsung are well-known companies that we love and trust as they always provide us with reliable devices. And that’s why picking between the Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Fitbit Ionic can be a little hard.

Read on to find out which one suits you better according to your needs.

FeatureSamsung Galaxy WatchSamsung Galaxy WatchFitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic

Display Size1.3 or 1.2 in.1.7 x 0.8-in.
Water-Resistance165 feet165 feet
Battery Life4 days5 days
Heart MonitoringYesYes

Samsung Galaxy Watch Overview

Samsung Galaxy Watch


  • Superb design
  • Great value for the money
  • Versatile functions
  • Detailed data and exercise tracking 
  • Decent battery life
  • Very fast operation thanks to the Exynos 9110 dual-core processor


  • Doesn’t come with the rotating bezel
  • No LTE alternative
  • Some issues with the applications
  • Storage is limited

One of Samsung’s top smartwatches to ever grace the market. This watch has everything from a sleek design to amazing features and many more.

Fitbit Ionic Overview

Fitbit Ionic


  • Bright and clear display
  • Diversity of features
  • Built-in GPS
  • Female health tracking


  • Slow-responding interface
  • The available apps are limited

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Fitbit Ionic – Short Answer:

Coming with a nice design, durability, plenty of fitness and smart features, and tagged with an affordable price, the Samsung Galaxy Watch easily takes the cake here.

The Fitbit Ionic has a four-day batter and an amazing heart rate tracking system, these two features combined with the other amazing ones make a great smartwatch for anyone who wants to buy a new gadget.

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Fitbit Ionic – Full Comparison:

1. Design and Display

From the moment you lay hands on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, you’ll enjoy its durable construction and sporty appearance with the silicone strap. It’s available in two sizes: a 46mm one and a 42mm one.

The former is equipped with a 1.3-inch screen and the latter with a 1.2-inch one, both of which flaunt a 360 x 360-pixel resolution, which is pretty clear and shows your stats in sharp graphics. The screen is quite vibrant that it’s easy to read, even in direct sunlight.

A clever design employs a rotating bezel and two side buttons that you can use to navigate through the apps and notifications. The upper button acts as a back button, and the lower one acts as a home button.

On the other hand, the Ionic features a lightweight design at around 1.7 ounces and a flexible elastomer wristband that’s pretty comfortable to wear. It’s downright ugly, however. It has a squared design that’s devoid of any sleekness or style.

It does feature a nice 1.14 x 0.8-inch LCD color touchscreen with a 348 x 250-pixel resolution, however, which is one of the best displays I’ve seen so far. It’s also treated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which makes it quite durable.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch

2. Health and Fitness Features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is water-resistant up to 165 feet, which makes it suitable for people who enjoy swimming as a sport, especially that it has a swim-tracking feature that allows you to customize a target and what data is displayed to you. These include pool length and guide frequency, and you can check your fastest length, duration, calories, pace, and heart rate.

This doesn’t only apply to swimming as the Galaxy Watch is great for tracking multiple activities such as running, biking, walking, and more. It can track a total of 39 different workouts, too, including weight training, cardio, and circuit training.

While it does fall short of some weightlifting exercises, it can track the most common ones like deadlifts, shoulder presses, arm curls, and bench presses. It even keeps tabs on the number of reps per set.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is equipped with an accurate heart-rate sensor that tracks your heart beats per minute. It also sends you a notification in case your levels rise above or fall below normal levels as well as gives you breathing exercises that help you regulate that change.

As for the Fitbit Ionic, it does the basic step-counting and keeps tabs on your calories burned, and floors climbed throughout the day.

It comes with both Multi-sport tracking and SmartTrack, so it automatically recognizes and records various activities, including walking, running, dancing, and swimming. Speaking of the latter, the Ionic is also water-resistant up to 165 feet. However, its swim-tracking capabilities aren’t as extensive as the Galaxy Watch’s.

The built-in GPS is a nice addition that keeps you informed with real-time location tracking. It also makes estimations of your pace, distance covered, and route much more accurate.

It does come with reminders to move, a daily goal, and a 250-step hourly goal that keep you active. The Ionic comes with personalized on-screen coaching and Adidas on-screen workouts that help you learn different techniques and workouts as well as give you tips to perform them properly.

Moreover, it combines heart-rate monitoring with cardio fitness levels and a SpO2 sensor to give you a detailed report of your heart’s and body’s health, as well as determine the quality of your athletic performance.

In terms of sleep-tracking, it beats the Samsung Galaxy Watch as it’s more accurate and divides your night into the three stages of REM, light, and deep sleep. It also shows you a detailed report of your sleep to determine how well you’re sleeping and for how long.

If you’re a woman, you’d love the female health tracking feature that the Ionic comes with as it makes tracking your cycle, symptoms, and data so much easier.

Winner: Fitbit Ionic

3. Smart Features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch enables you to send as well as receive phone calls, text messages, and give voice commands to your wearable. If you pair it with an Android smartphone, you’ll also get the full benefits of Bixby health integration.

Similarly, the Ionic would allow you to make use of the “Quick Reply” feature if you pair it with an Android smartphone. If you roll with an iPhone, you might want to look into one of the Apple watches for full functionality.

Moreover, you can use it to make online payments using Samsung Pay. Contrarily, the Fitbit Ionic allows you to make online payments using Fitbit Pay.

There’s a distinctive feature about the Samsung Galaxy Watch, though, which is its ability to be turned into a home automation hub. In other words, it uses the IoT (Internet of Things) technology to enable you to pair it with any compatible smart device, including TVs, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners.

The “My Day” feature is also a nice addition that gives you a recap of the things you have to do in the next 10 hours. It’s like having a personal assistant and trainer right on your wrist!

Alternatively, if you’re not that concerned with extra smart features, you can opt for the Ionic. It delivers all your smartphone notifications, including calendar alerts, calls, and texts. It also has a “Quick Replies” option. It only works if you pair with an Android phone, however.

Moreover, it comes with onboard music storage and control, where you can play, pause, or skip a song as well as turn the volume up or down. Combine that with the built-in NFC and online payment capability, and you can easily leave your phone behind when you’re going on a 45-minute or 1-hour run.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch

4. Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a 4-day battery, which isn’t the longest, but it’s pretty great for its functionality.

On the other hand, the Fitbit Ionic lasts around five days, which isn’t that superior to its rival, especially when you consider that the Galaxy Watch can do much more than the Ionic.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Fitbit Ionic: Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, both watches are quite packed with helpful features. Some are even fun, and some are downright pivotal to your health and well-being.

However, if you set your priorities straight, you’ll be able to decide which one suits you better. If you want every fitness and health feature you can get on a wearable, opt for the Ionic.

Alternatively, if you want a device that perfectly harmonizes fitness features and smart ones, the Samsung Galaxy should be your choice. Especially that it comes at a more affordable price than the Ionic and offers a relatively better battery life.